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The History of Holt Millennium Green

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Holt Millennium Green was the result of the Parish Council wanting to provide a lasting memory of the Year 2000 Millennium for the village of Holt Heath.
A questionnaire was circulated to all households with in the parish requesting ideas to mark the Millennium. The result was an open meeting to decide what to do from the suggestions. The result of the meeting was to provide an Open Space for the benefit of the village, a local land owner 
 was approached with view of purchasing a piece of land.
A grant was applied for from the funds provided for Millennium Projects.
Having been successful in obtaining both the land and the grant the project was born, a committee of trustees was formed and the planning of the project was under way.
The residents were invited to assist in carrying out a lot of the work, with the hours worked on the project recorded, to give the local element of the cost.
All the tree, hedge and wild flower planting was done by the volunteers.
A fenced children play area was added, also for older children/adult an assault course, and swings, the village cricket club provided a cricket square.
Before the any work was done on the land an archaeological survey had to be carried out due to there being aerial photographs taken in the 1970's showing a possible Iron Age Site.
The dig was done by the Worcester archaeologists, the findings were very interesting, a lot of broken pottery was found and a cross section was dug on one of the ditches, this provided valuable infomation on the site, an electronic survey was also carried out by the same company that does the Time Team surveys, a copy of the archeologists report is available for viewing on request.

The Children's Play Area is now reaching the end of its life.

We are now hoping to raise funds in excess of £100,000 to replace it, we have already raised £17,000 towards our target, we are applying for grants. We are currently getting quotations from the various play manufacturers and are hopping to complete the 1st stage of the project in 2018.








List of Trustee's  

Ms S Eskdale            Chairperson    

Mrs K Billett              Treasurer

Mr T Oliver                Trustee

Mr G Timlin               Trustee

Mrs J Hill                   Trustee

Mrs G Bridgford         Trustee

Mr D Bridgford           Trustee




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