The Parish of Holt in Worcestershire 

Holt Women's Institute.

Holt WI meet every month on the 1st Thursday in the Month at 7.00pm.

 New Members are always Welcome. 


  Holt WI "ode" for February 2020

 So January started with wind and with rain

But Holt’s loyal ladies were meeting again,

Pausing the speakers to try something new:

A craft evening promised a challenge or two.

Under the guidance of Val and of Chris,

Most efforts were finished, not too much amiss.

And this is the start of our current phase,

Past our centenary, through winter days,

We meet as before in Holt Village Hall,

For fun and for learning, for friendship, for all.


Our plans are afoot for lunches and trips,

To learn from recycling, good tips from tips.

Visiting gardens, a favourite treat,

Time on a narrow boat, locks to complete.

We sponsor rugby, we help the food bank,

Always a vast range of speakers to thank.

Ongoing campaigns will focus our minds

On living sustainably, helping mankind.

Or saving our bus routes, a laudable aim,

Or tacking loneliness, ill-health or shame.


This year’s ambitions include worthy drives

To root out slavery; yes, it survives,

Its evil pervasive abroad and at home,

Although it should be in an old history tome.

Also, we’re starting a very close scan

Of the crash dummy, always a man.

They are not designed for our height or our frame

For front seat exposure is just not the same.


That all sounds so serious, but, as a crew,

We’ve laughter and charity, a potent brew.

So why don’t you join us, and meet Eileen,

Pat, Chris and Sylvia, Jane and Irene,

Gill, Gill and Margaret, Penny and Dot,

Sally, Kate, Val and Joy; give it a shot.

Come and meet tall Denise, Jean, Jean and Jean,

We’d love to welcome you to our nineteen.




Holt WI 2020

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January/February 2020

Programme for 2020

 Our next meeting March 5th            

An Introduction to Textile Art – Georgia Jacobs

 April 2nd              

The Suffragettes & Votes for Women – Paddy Hannigan

 May 7th                

Resolution Meeting

 June 4th                               

Open Meeting – Watch this space for further details.

 July 2nd                                

Presidents Evening

 September 3rd   

Living in The Middle East – Angela Hugman

 October 1st        

Volunteering with The Canal & Rivers Trust                        –  Mr D Wornham

 November 1st   

Annual General Meeting





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