The Parish of Holt in Worcestershire 

Public Foot paths and Rights of Way in the Parish.


Details, including a Map click the following link. 

Footpath Map for the Parish of Holt.

This will select Public Rights of Way Interactive Map.

Then Select the Parish of Holt from the parish drop down list.

From the drop down list you are able to see other Parishes in Worcestershire.


Wildlife in the Parish.


Species often seen in the Parish while Walking.

Birds of Prey.

Buzzards, Kestrels, Sparrow Hawks, Falcons,  Red Kites.


Barn Owls, Little Owls, Tawny Owls.

Song and Other Birds.

Blackbird, Thrush, Fieldfare & Redwing in Winter, Starling, Crow, Rook, Jackdaw, Green Woodpeckers, Greater Spotted Woodpeckers.

Robin, Wren, Goldfinch, Chaffinch, Bulfinch, Blue Tits, Great Tits, Coal Tits, Long Tailed Tits, Sparrows, Greenfinch, Dunnocks, Pheasant, Partridge.


Fox, Badger, Monk Jack Deer, Rabbit, Hare, Grey Squirrels.


Links to Worcestershire Wildlife Trust.


 Worcestershire Wild Life Trust

 Worcestershire Wild Life Reserves




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